About Me

Hi! I’m Kia. Thanks for stopping by!

Hopefully you are here because you’re interested in a recipe I’ve shared! YAY!

I’m a graduate of Culinary School (May 2019). I’ve worked as a dishwasher, server, host, bartender, (in) candy production, catering, inventory and currently as a part of the kitchen crew for a growing Texas Craft BBQ restaurant.

I’ve dabbled in culinary since a teen creating crafty after school snacks before the likes of Pinterest when everything came from a magazine or shared by friends. I then moved onto making all the holiday cakes and cookies. As I got older and became I parent I became mundane with food. Everything was store bought and no creativity. It was whatever the boys would eat.

As they grew up my curiosity and taste buds woke back up lol. Why am I always fixing chicken the same? What other ways can I serve pizza? Can I make this “fancy” meal on a broke budget? With these questions bubbling and needing an outlet for stress (I was a caretaker for my Grandmother with Dementia) I got back into the kitchen.

Realizing how much peace I found creating, sharing and EATING (lol) I headed to culinary school. And now I wanted to create a space I could share my recipe trials and errors and budding culinary knowledge.

My cuisine of interest in traditional Mid-Atlantic with an emphasis on Virginia. I’ve started cooking more with cast irons and researching historic cuisine as well as collecting old cookbooks. 

I’m a strong believer that everything I put on a plate should be edible. So let’s get to cooking!